New i-Lipo

How much does i-Lipo cost?

Prices can vary from one clinic to another, but typical prices for your first treatment range between £50 - £100, and then £100 - £125 a treatment thereafter.

Most clinics will offer you an introductory price on your first treatment, with the recommended amount of treatments needed being 8, but this will all depend on your size and the look you are aiming for, 8 treatments can cost you anywhere between £600 - £1,000.

"8 treatments can cost from between £600 - £1,000"

So it's well worth your while to shop around before you commit yourself to a course of treatments at a certain clinic.

Some clinics will even offer you finance if you cannot afford to pay straight away, this will enable you to pay in instalments and you may also be offered a maintenance treatment for future use.