How Does i-Liposuction Work?

Lipolysis is the process of targeting stored fat in fat cells, laser lipo treatments result in the instant breakdown of fat cells.
i-Liposuction works by emitting low levels of laser energy which creates a chemical reaction in the fat cells that are being targeted. This signal then breaks down the cell membranes and the contents of the fat cells which are made up of free fatty acids, glycerol and water are released and drained away by the lymphatic system, (the same system that is responsible for removing wastes from the body) to different tissues in your body where they will be burned off during exercise. The glycerol that is released goes to the liver where it will be used to make sugar.

This is a very natural and essential process that your body would usually undergo itself in order to function properly, it is doing exactly the same job as your body would, because the body takes in fuel (calories) which the body then converts into energy, and stores this energy as triglycerides in the fat cells, which are then released when your body thinks it needs to be. Sometimes however, the body stores too much energy than needs to be stored, which results in weight gain, so I liposuction targets this excess energy by stimulating the body to carry out its natural process of releasing the stored fat in the fat cells.

“laser energy penetrates and stimulates the targeted fat cells, these fat cells then release their contents”

So nothing unnatural happens during I liposuction, and there is no damage to any of the surrounding structures including, blood vessels, peripheral nerves or skin. The treatment is very safe and the technology has been studied and used for 30 years, and has been on the world market since 2007. The treatment is totally non invasive and is nothing like traditional liposuction which is very invasive and smart lipo which is slightly invasive, there is no down time, no surgeons are required, no anaesthesia local or general, and because there is no incision there is absolutely no risk of infection.

It’s a very straightforward process, first of all before the treatment can begin you will have to fill in a medical questionnaire and a consultation form which have to be completed and signed and the areas to be treated will have to be measured.  You must avoid food and fluids 2 hours before treatment begins in order to get the best results.
4 laser pads are then placed on the chosen areas, and 2 smaller laser diodes are placed over the lymphatic glands, these laser diodes are held in place by your clothing or tape, each treatment will then take 20 minutes.
You will feel no pain, in fact you may find the process very relaxing, you may also feel a warming sensation in the chosen area, just lay back, relax and look forward to a brand new you.

Afterwards the treated areas are measured and recorded to access what is the achieved weight loss, studies have shown that there is a 30% reduction of fat layer depth after just one treatment of I liposuction, and 2 – 4 cm can be removed from around your abdomen in just one treatment also.
Then you will have to do a little light exercise to burn off the stored fat that has been released, and that’s it you can go home or back to work straight away, with no pain, bleeding, discomfort, soreness or bruising.
A total of 8 treatments is recommended, 2 treatments every week for 4 weeks but you can have more if you want to, the more treatments you have the better the results.