i-Lipo vs Traditional Liposuction

Many people are put off by the invasiveness of traditional liposuction and all the risks that are associated with the procedure. i-Liposuction is a new generation of laser lipolysis where the laser’s energy breaks down the cell membrane resulting in the release of the cells contents, this is where I liposuction and traditional liposuction differ, there is absolutely no surgery involved at all, because of this difference there are many advantages that comes with I liposuction and these include:

No surgeons or doctors
No surgeons and doctors are required because there is absolutely no surgery involved, it is completely non invasive, compared to traditional liposuction, which is extremely invasive, even with smart lipo there is a small incision.

No scaring, bruising, soreness or bleeding
As i-Liposuction is completely non invasive you will not have any of the after effects of traditional liposuction including, scars, soreness, bleeding and discomfort.

No anaesthesia
You will not have to have any type of anaesthesia at all, general or local, because there is no surgery involved, and no pain will be felt, unlike traditional liposuction where you have to have a general anaesthetic and even with smart lipo you have to have a local anaesthetic, so there are no risks that can be associated with any type of anaesthetic.

No down time
With i-Liposuction you are free to carry out your normal activities immediately after the treatment, as there is no pain or discomfort at all, unlike traditional liposuction where you have to rest for a long time, even with smart lipo you need a few days to recover.

No risk of infection
As there is no incision with I liposuction there is absolutely no risk of infection, compared to traditional liposuction which is very invasive and so widens the risk of infections.

More areas can be treated
I liposuction offers more choice of body parts that can be treated with I liposuction as the lasers used are very accurate and targets certain fat cells without harming the surrounding areas and so can be used on even the most sensitive and thinnest of areas. Traditional liposuction is far too invasive for the most sensitive parts of the body.

Tightens skin and reduces cellulite
I liposuction has the great advantage of tightening the skin and reducing cellulite, traditional liposuction doesn’t possess this great advantage and in fact leaves the skin saggy after the procedure has been performed.

i-Liposuction is quicker
One treatment with I liposuction takes only 20 minutes, compared to traditional liposuction which takes a few hours for the procedure to be performed.

i-Liposuction is cheaper
I liposuction is significantly cheaper than liposuction and even other laser and ultrasound techniques, and offers similar results.

No after care
You will not need any follow up appointments with I liposuction because there is no surgery and no wounds involved that have to be checked up on.

As you can see there are significantly greater advantages compared to traditional liposuction, so if you want the same results without the associated risks, give I liposuction a try.